Community management isn’t just about responding in real-time.

To start, we create a social brand statement and social architecture to guide the creation of a response guide and engagement protocol based on the following elements:

  • Culture: What kind of place does the brand want to create?
  • Brand Participation: What does the brand want to communicate?
  • Integration: How do you connect with the broader community?
  • Trust: How do you encourage audiences to believe in you?
  • Leadership: What role will you play in the social ecosystem?

 We then create a monitoring and moderation process that fits your brand or business. In some cases, this may require creating a new set of policies to guide appropriate online engagement. In others, this may involve establishing processes that reflect existing guidance documents.

Regardless, we work closely with you to create a response guide, methodology, and triage approach that suits your needs.

Once active, we provide meaningful reports and analytics to track success and drive future activities.

Through it all, we remain responsive to your needs and the needs of the community.

Our social operations work involves the following areas of expertise:

Heading Front?

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Creating Clarity

Let us work with you to develop a process not just to protect but build your brand through effective community management and social media operations. We’re available anytime to create the infrastructure and team you need.
Free Consultation

Where We SHINE

We are strong advocates for the voice of your customer.

  • Community Management

  • Policies & Procedures

  • Social Issues Management

  • Content Creation

We have 20 years of experience managing online communities in various markets across different social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Recognizing that your social media sites provide a crucial touchpoint for your brand, we elevate the voice of your customer while ensuring your messages get out.

  • Social media moderation
  • Response guide creation
  • Online influencer outreach and management

The backbone of any successful social media project is having all the bases covered with policies, procedures, and good governance. We have extensive experience working with legal, regulatory, and medical teams to put the necessary documentation in place to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and organizational expectations.

  • Social media policy development
  • Platform-specific playbooks
  • Adverse Event reporting workflow

How you manage issues online can make or break your reputation. Drawing on our extensive track record handling crisis communications for some of the world’s biggest life sciences companies, we can ensure you anticipate and respond appropriately to whatever emerging issue comes your way. Services include:

  • Crisis communications strategy development and execution
  • Rapid response
  • Digital opinion leader management
  • Issues monitoring


Mint Collective creates a framework to guide the creation of content designed to resonate with each defined audience. This framework will outline the tone, style, content templates to be employed, and content type to be leveraged by each audience.  Our advantages

  • Writing experts with years of experience in biopharmaceutical communications
  • Clarity of writing style to match corporate voice & tone
  • Expertise in visual image editing and selection


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